Favolaschia è un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

31 ottobre 2007

Toilet conference opens in Delhi
A World Toilet Summit has opened in the Indian capital, Delhi, with more than 40 countries taking part

Why men and women argue differently
Women want to talk about it, but men are more likely to retreat into stoney silence. Our correspondent investigates the science behind how we argue

Top 20 Ambulance cars from around the world

Solar energy boom may help world's poorest
Low incomes and low subsidies, if any, can make clean energy a hard sell in developing countries

Create the Future: Entries to NASA's Design Contest
Electricity-producing roads, a zero-energy home and a smart rainwater collector (the last two are pictured above) are just a few of the cool sustainable designs entered in NASA's Create the Future Design Contest.

RIGHTS-EUROPE: 'Non-lethal Weapons' Tackle Protests Against Globalisation
Several European governments are arming their police forces with a new range of "non-lethal weapons" to put down protests against globalisation, and among immigrants.

Who Owns the Arctic?It depends on the shape of the
ocean floor.

The Truth About Deadly 'Superbugs'
Armies of invisible creatures are spreading across the
planet, infesting local communities and claiming the
lives of innocent children in their wake. And the
attackers are immune to some of the world's best weaponry.

Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting, an art show at the Musuem of Arts & Design in New York. A timely exhibition of work by international artists using fiber in unexpected and unorthodox ways.

30 ottobre 2007

Condom Song - Telugu
A condom advocacy PSA from India

Bureau of Workplace Interruptions is a time-stealing agency who work with employees to interrupt the flow of their workday

Whatever Happened to Wave Energy?
Recent advances in computer modeling have made it easier to simulate the ocean, and thereby develop designs that can efficiently extract energy from the waves.

26 ottobre 2007

Poll: One-third believe in ghosts, UFOs
It was bad enough when the TV and lights inexplicably
flicked on at night, Misty Conrad says. When her
daughter began talking to an unseen girl named Nicole
and neighbors said children had been murdered in the
house, it was time to move.

Che Guevara hair sold at auction
Strands of hair taken from the body of Ernesto Che
Guevara by a former CIA officer involved in his death
have sold for $119,000 (£58,000) at auction.

Neanderthals 'were flame-haired'
Some Neanderthals were probably redheads, a DNA study
has shown.

Stolen work by Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo, found in
NYC garbage, could sell for $1 million
A painting stolen 20 years ago was found lying in a
pile of garbage along a New York street, and now it
could fetch up to $1 million (?700,000) at auction.

Deadly Cute
Today on the Worth1000 photoshopping contest: "Deadly Cute" -- cute animals photoshopped into sheer viciousness.

They sound more like zombies than sleepwalkers...
A surge in naked sleepwalking among guests has led one of Britain's largest budget hotel groups to re-train staff to handle late-night nudity.

Qandil Mountains - Kurdistan - Brad Pitt and the Girl Guerrillas

Lovesick doctors need 'training'
Passionate encounters are inevitable among doctors and nurses working in emergency medicine - or at least that's what romance novels have us believe.

Why heroines die in classic fiction
To read classic fiction is to know that if the heroine gets wet, a swift descent into brain fever and death bed scenes is assured within a chapter or so. What was actually wrong with these swooning creatures?

British Village Looks Down the Loo to Cut Carbon
ASHTON HAYES, England - A small community in northwest England is hoping to become the country's first carbon-neutral village and considering the power of poop to help make it happen.

State of the planet, in graphics
Globally human populations are growing, trade is increasing, and living standards are rising for many. But, according to the UN's latest Global Environment Outlook report, long-term problems including climate change, pollution, access to clean water, and the threat of mass extinctions are being met with "a remarkable lack of urgency".

25 ottobre 2007

So, are you and the Internet a thing?
A new poll shows that nearly 1 in 4 Americans say the Internet could be a stand-in for a significant other for a period of time. Among singles, the percentage was even higher: 31 percent.

5 Kinds of Creative Recycled Architecture: Bottles, Cans and Other Unusual Building Materials

Japanese cell phone application wards off gropers in trains
"Anti-Groping Appli" by games developer Takahashi was released in late 2005 but has only recently climbed up popularity rankings, reaching No. 7 in this week's top-10 cell phone applications list compiled by Web-based publisher Spicy Soft Corp.

South Africa recalls millions of condoms
South Africa is recalling millions of locally
manufactured condoms after tens of thousands failed an
air burst test, dealing a further blow to the
country's campaign to prevent the spread of AIDS.

More than 755,000 on US terrorist watch list
The US terrorist watch list includes more than 755,000
names and continues to grow, the US Government
Accountability Office said Wednesday.

Gives new meaning to "going in the car"
If you're stuck in traffic when Mother Nature calls,
Japan's Kaneko Sangyo Co. has developed the loo for

Plant ‘O’ Matic Puts Your Plants in the Sunlight
Do your plants not get enough sun during the day? Plant ‘O’ Matic is the solution! A flowerpot on wheels equipped with solar panels allows the plants to roll themselves into the sun.

Rwanda: Exam Cheats Risk Jail Term
Students found cheating exams face a minimum of two years in prison, a national examinations' council official has said.

24 ottobre 2007

India’s Cow-Eating Trees
many zoologists and botanists have been fascinated by plants that eat meat since the days when Charles Darwin was bitten by this interest, and wrote a definitive work on the subject, Insectivorous Plants, published in 1888...

Blog of comic panels depicting groin punches

Monkeys attack Delhi politician
The deputy mayor of the Indian capital Delhi has died a day after being attacked by a horde of wild monkeys.

FreeRice: Play a Game and Feed the Hungry

Technology's pipeline becomes lifeline for fire victims
Technology is proving crucial as Southern California residents fight raging wildfires. They're using text messages, video, blogs, Google maps and databases to describe the chaos, find missing people and share strategies.

Inventor: Scans reveal Mona Lisa secrets
For centuries, the "Mona Lisa" has beguiled art buffs
unable to resist speculating on its origins and
meaning. Now a French inventor claims to have some
answers, including the fate of the enigmatic subject's
famously missing eyebrows and lashes.

Diet choices 'written in genes'
Our genes and not just our upbringing may play a key
role in our food likes and dislikes, UK researchers

Doubts over Bush plan on Mexico drugs
President George W Bush's request for $500m to help
Mexico in its fight against organised crime may run
into opposition from more than one side.

23 ottobre 2007

Latin American women rise in nations long dominated by men
Defying Latin America's longtime reputation as a
bastion of machismo, women in South America are
winning political power at an unprecedented rate and
taking top positions in higher education and even,
albeit more slowly, in business.

Female Protection or Profit? Wildlife Farming in China
journalists to be awarded

She set out to expose a pedophile ring in Cancun,
naming the rich and powerful she says were involved,
and became a journalism sensation after she was
abducted by police, allegedly at the behest of a state

Smokers irrational, like animals?
Smokers are like animals that do not think rationally,
a Malaysian hardline Islamist cleric said at the weekend.

Eyes Wide Shut: Thoughts on Sleep

Obesity becoming a global problem
People are getting fatter in all parts of the world, with the possible exception of east Asia, doctors found in a one-day global snapshot of obesity.

Sun-powered homes vie for eco prize
American ingenuity got blindsided by German engineering last Friday at the third Solar Decathlon hosted by the US Department of Energy.From 12 to 19 October, 20 teams from around the world showed off solar-powered homes on the National Mall in...

Obsession with Pets at All-Time High
Whether they bark, meow, squeak, chirp or hiss, pets are treasured household members for most Americans at some point, and recent surveys show more and more people are welcoming animals into their homes and treating them as family.

Protection or Profit? Wildlife Farming in China
Farming wild animals like bears, crocodiles and tigers has been promoted as a means of saving endangered species by proponents in China, while detractors argue that farms stimulate the illegal wildlife trade and threaten the survival of animals in the wild

19 ottobre 2007

Gallery: The Most Curious Canned Goods Found Online
A list of freaky foodstuffs for the audacious, fearless gluttons for gourmet punishment.

18 ottobre 2007

Solar powered immigrant shelter provides Internet access
Robert Ransick has completed a 6 month Residency at Eyebeam developing Casa Segura (Safe House). Casa Segura proposes private property owners on the border to create a life-saving beacon in the desert, a platform for engaging with the anonymous individuals crossing their land in search of a better life, and a non-aggressive means of protecting their homes.

Lithuania's Devil Museum
Fortean Times visits the MK Ciurlionis Velniu Muziejus, aka the Devil Museum of Kaunas, Lithuania. The institution celebrates devil imagery in art and culture around the world. Visitors are invited to donate their own pieces to the collection too.

For early humans, a beach party and clam bake
For early humans, one of the first displays of modern behavior was a sort of beach party and clam bake along the coast of South Africa. Artifacts found in a cave on coastal cliffs overlooking the Indian Ocean showed that these people 164,000 years ago cooked mussels and other shellfish, used red pigment perhaps as body paint and made small stone blades that could be used at the tip of a spear -- all far earlier than previously thought.

Trees + Community = Tree-nation
If you can’t get enough of your online social networks like Facebook or Linkedin and you’d also like to see more trees on this planet, then it’s time for you to join Tree-nation. The goal of this ecological project is to plant 8 million trees in the Sahara to fight climate change, desertification and poverty. With their project, they support UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign.

ENVIRONMENT: Indigenous People Make Best Forest Custodians
CHIANG MAI, Thailand, Oct 18 (IPS) - The millions of indigenous people living across Asia and the Pacific are finally gaining recognition for the key role the play in forest conservation.

Parents use religion to avoid vaccines
Sabrina Rahim doesn't practice any particular faith,
but she had no problem signing a letter declaring that
because of her deeply held religious beliefs, her
4-year-old son should be exempt from the vaccinations
required to enter preschool.

Media Democracy Day
October 18th is the 7th Annual Media Democracy Day

Welcome to the school run by teens
What happens when teenagers are given a chance to set
up and run their own school - will it be academic
excellence or anarchy all round?

17 ottobre 2007

Parent-child dancing shoes
Felt dancing shoes from Finland

George Lucas plans 'Star Wars' TV series
The Force may soon be coming to a television near you.

'More sex needed' to boost sperm
Some men should have sex every day to maximise the
chances of getting their partner pregnant, researchers

Why garlic is good for the heart
Researchers have cracked the mystery of why eating
garlic can help keep the heart healthy.

Parole, più le usi più meno invecchiano
Perché alcune parole cambiano velocemente e altre rimangono le stesse nei secoli? Dei ricercatori hanno fatto un analisi comparata di diverse lingue, e hanno concluso che la ragione sta nella loro frequenza. Più una parola è usata più rimane identica a se stessa; al contrario le parole usate poco tendono a evolversi. Pubblicata su Nature.

Ogni scarrafone è bello....su YouTube
Che per le mamme il proprio bambino sia il più intelligente di tutti è noto. Solo che ora su YouTube lo possono dimostrare al mondo. E la piattaforma video si popola delle imprese dei baby-geni.

16 ottobre 2007

"Big Brother" restaurant opens to study diners
A new research center -- dubbed the "restaurant of the future" -- at the Dutch university of Wageningen hopes to help answer these questions and more by tracking diners with dozens of unobtrusive cameras and monitoring their eating habits.

Gun Love in America Is Strong as Ever

New Algae-Growing Technique Could Lead to Earth-Friendly Fabric, Paint
Going green is fashionable, but dyeing our clothes has remained a decidedly eco-unfriendly practice. Now, British scientists have developed a way to grow harmless algae to add color to fabric and paint.

This map gives a brief history of the world's most well-known religions: a 90-second Flash videos that show expansion and contraction of empires and religions over the centuries.
Via BoingBoing: http://www.boingboing.net/2007/10/15/history-of-religion.html

The Seven Secrets of Inspiring Leaders
American business professionals are uninspired. Only
10% of employees look forward to going to work and
most point to a lack of leadership as the reason why,
according to a recent Maritz Research poll. But it
doesn't have to be that way. All business leaders have
the power to inspire, motivate, and positively
influence the people in their professional lives.

Study seeks DNA clues on homosexuality
Julio and Mauricio Cabrera are gay brothers who are
convinced their sexual orientation is as deeply rooted
as their Mexican ancestry. They are among 1,000 pairs
of gay brothers taking part in the largest study to
date seeking genes that may influence whether people
are gay.

US touts studying postpartum depression
The House on Monday urged health agencies to expand
research into postpartum depression problems that
affect up to one-fifth of new mothers and can, if
untreated, lead to more serious psychoses. Democrats
also accepted a GOP-backed provision that approves a
National Institutes of Mental Health study into the
psychological consequences of abortions.

15 ottobre 2007

Il Sole in casa
Fotogallery dei progetti presentati dagli studenti del Georgia Institute of Technology di abitazioni completamente alimentate a energia solare.

Gli occhi della paura
Un test ha dimostrato che di tutte le emozioni dipinte in volto la paura è quella che riconosciamo per prima. Infatti riconosciamo più velocemente il viso spaventato di un nostro simile (ben prima che intenderne quello allegro). Il segreto sarebbe nell'amigdale, la zona del cervello che elabora le informazioni "emotive". Sarebbe il bianco degli occhi sbarrati ad attivare il riconoscimento.

Report ranks jobs by rates of depression
People who tend to the elderly, change diapers and
serve up food and drinks have the highest rates of
depression among U.S. workers.

Mexican ex-prostitutes find home
Go to the centre of Mexico City after dark and you can
see the women start to colonise the district.

Se il container diventa uno stile di vita...
Ad Amsterdam sono alloggi per gli studenti, una vera cittadella universitaria... Noi ci ricordiamo solo quelli squalidi piazzati in mezzo al fango, dove da anni i terremotati vivono in modo precario in attesa di una vera casa... Ma esistono molti altri esempi, più felici, di container housing in giro per il mondo.

Amsterdam: Stop ai funghi allucinogeni
Netherlands bans magic mushrooms
The Dutch government is banning the sale of all magic mushrooms after a series of high-profile incidents involving tourists who had taken them.

No Paris trip for Russia's kissing policemen
Russia's culture minister, Alexander Sokolov, announced that he is banning a Bansky-inspired photo of two kissing policemen, and 16 other works, from a Paris exhibition of contemporary Russian art.

05 ottobre 2007

Prometeo in casa
Realizzata in Grecia la casa più ecologica del mondo: utilizza diverse forme di energia pulita, dal fotovoltaico alla termica. Dopo dieci anni oltre ad avere emissioni zero sarà anche a costo zero. Sulla facciata un murales che raffigura Prometeo. (ma non ho trovato nemmeno una foto...)
Energy-efficient, zero-emissions building opens in Athens
Proponents of green energy received a boost Thursday with the inauguration of an innovative building its designers say could be among the most energy efficient in the world.

04 ottobre 2007

Foresta amazzonica: chi se la ricorda?

Brazil Urges World Support for Amazon
Brazil's environment minister said on Wednesday the international community was failing to honor pledges to help protect the Amazon and other tropical forests but that her government rejected specific deforestation targets.

The leaders of an indigenous community in north-east Argentina have put their teenagers under quarantine for 60 days.
they are trying to limit what they call the spiritual disorientation of their youngsters, caused by the modern society that surrounds them.
Alcohol is not allowed in and youngsters under the age of 20 are not allowed out of Fort Mborore.
The move came after two youngsters killed themselves and a third attempted suicide in the space of a week.
The head of Fort Mborore, Silvino Moreyra, said the adoption of typical white man's customs had caused what he called a spiritual disorientation of the village's youth.
He said the Guarani people were immersed in a crisis of white man's sins.

Americans do not need to pare back their lifestyles to help protect the global environment but may need to use sugar or orange peel to power their energy-guzzling Hummers and Cigarette boats, Florida's governor said Tuesday.
Americans do not need to pare back their lifestyles to help protect the global environment but may need to use sugar or orange peel to power their energy-guzzling Hummers and Cigarette boats, Florida's governor said Tuesday.

Scans reveal lost gravestone text
Illegible words on church headstones could be read once more thanks to a scan technology developed in the US.

Hole in Ozone Layer Shrinks 30 Percent
The gaping hole in Earth's ozone layer has shrunk 30 percent in size compared to last year, according to new measurements made by the European Space Agency's Envisat satellite

Grass-munching bugs could charge rural phones
A bacteria-powered cellphone charger could keep people in developing countries talking, even when they live far from the grid.

03 ottobre 2007

e anche oggi...

Tech companies make most boring TV show ever
Television manufacturers and broadcasters have come together to produce what could be the world's most boring television programme ever.

A presentation put together by some Navy experts regarding the difficulty of recruiting "millennials," Americans aged 17 to 24, to the armed forces. In the words of the presentation, the kids are not alright: They're "coddled," "narcissistic praise junkies" who "demand respect" though they lack experience, and who are so comfortable with technology that talking to them is like "dealing with a somewhat alien life force."

Strange and Bizarre Odors That Some People Love
There's no accounting for taste, or smell, in this case. Here are six intriguing, strange odors that some people love. And comments...

02 ottobre 2007

Walking for good cause without ever leaving home
Welcome to the "virtual walk" where you can raise money for charity without ever stepping out the front door. Some 1,500 women began a 31-city virtual walk across the United States on Monday to benefit breast cancer courtesy of a computer, an avatar and a $3 donation. Participants included home design guru Martha Stewart, British actress Lynn Redgrave, actress Mena Suvari and Jorja Fox of the "CSI" television show in what organizers said was the world's first interactive virtual walk.

Biologists Aim to Wipe Out Alaska's "Rat Island"
Alaska - Two centuries after rats first landed on a remote Aleutian island from a shipwreck, wildlife managers in Alaska are plotting how to evict the non-native rodent from the island that bears their name.

Incan Kids Fattened Before Sacrifice
Incan children as young as 6 were “fattened up” prior to their sacrificial deaths, a new study shows.

01 ottobre 2007

Backpacker turns Myanmar activist via Facebook
BANGKOK (Reuters) - A chance encounter in a Myanmar coffee shop turned teenage backpacker Alex Bookbinder into a political activist at the forefront of an Internet campaign that has attracted tens of thousands of supporters

New Greek Forests Will Need 20 Years After Fires
New forests in areas of Greece scorched by fires earlier this year will need at least two decades to grow back, environmental group WWF said on Thursday.

Japanese to Get a Few Seconds' Warnings of Quakes
TOKYO - Earthquake-prone Japan will start issuing several seconds' warning of approaching big earthquakes from Monday in the hope of reducing casualties and damage, although some fear the new system will lead to panic.

Antarctica Home to Tiny Creatures Even in Ice Ages
OSLO - Antarctica has been home to tiny creatures and plants for tens of millions of years, according to a study on Thursday that overturns theories that successive Ice Ages wiped life off the barren continent.

Britain to Start Phasing Out High Energy Lightbulbs
LONDON - Britain will begin phasing out energy-guzzling incandescent lightbulbs early next year in favour of low energy varieties as part of its battle against climate change, the environment ministry said on Thursday.

Push-up bra ads banned as meeting nears
Days after banning "sexually provocative sounds" on television, China has
now stopped networks showing "saucy" adverts for push-up bras and
figure-hugging underwear ahead of a major Communist Party meeting next
month. Other targets of the crackdown are "low-brow and base" commercials
for sex toys and those featuring famous people or experts attesting to the
efficacy of medicines, the State Administration of Radio, Film and
Television said on its Web site (www.sarft.gov.cn) Friday.

The colour of money
To stand out in the dense media jungle it is as important to be recognised
by a distinctive colour as much as by a memorable logo. Specialist
marketing writer Richard Gillis investigates the different pantones used to
promote brands

The right kettle for a Green Tea
This nifty electric tea kettle saves water and energy by boiling only as
much water as you really need for that cup of Earl Grey – no more, no less.
Just fill the dual-chamber kettle, and then choose to boil between 1 and 8
cups. Tea kettles may not seem like a top culprit when it comes to energy
waste, but the UK’s Department of Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs
(DEFRA) says that if people would only stop boiling more water than they
need, the electricity saved could “run practically all the street lighting
in the U.K.”

Guinness -- weird, wonderful and wacky abound
Australian John Allwood smashed 40 watermelons with
his head in just one minute.

Push-up bra ads banned as meeting nears
Days after banning "sexually provocative sounds" on
television, China has now stopped networks showing
"saucy" adverts for push-up bras and figure-hugging
underwear ahead of a major Communist Party meeting
next month.

Secrets of 1957 Sputnik launch revealed
When Sputnik took off 50 years ago, the world gazed at
the heavens in awe and apprehension, watching what
seemed like the unveiling of a sustained Soviet effort
to conquer space and score a stunning Cold War

Lover to die for kiss-and-kill pill
A Chinese woman who killed her lover with a rat
poison-laced kiss when she suspected him of being
unfaithful has been sentenced to death, a newspaper
said Thursday.