Favolaschia è un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

26 settembre 2007

India's "toxic" Hindu idols choke rivers: activists

Cops complaining about cops writing cops tickets

Leaders pledge restraint on gay bishops
Episcopal leaders, pressured to roll back their
support for gays to keep the world Anglican family
from crumbling, affirmed Tuesday that they will
"exercise restraint" in approving another gay bishop
and will not authorize prayers to bless same-sex

Study: Firms should help unhappy workers
Investing in depressed employees - quickly getting
them treatment and even offering telephone
psychotherapy - can cut absenteeism while improving
workers' health, a study suggests.

Nike designs shoe for American Indians
Nike on Tuesday unveiled what it said is the first
shoe designed specifically for American Indians, an
effort aiming at promoting physical fitness in a
population with high obesity rates.

Leader rails at teen breast implants gift fad
President Hugo Chavez railed against a new trend in
beauty-conscious Venezuela, giving girls breast
implants for their 15th birthday.

24 settembre 2007

news del giorno

Temporary parks dominate parking spaces across the U.S.
PARK(ing) Day, is a collaboration between San Francisco non-profits Rebar and Public Architecture and the national Trust for Public Land, during which more than 40 cities across the country have seen countless groups take over parking spaces and turn them into an extremely wide variety of interpretations of the "public park."

Where Do Nightmares Come From?
Nightmares are usually the organism's way of
processing some intense experience during sleep.

Nebraska state senator sues God
The defendant in a state senator's lawsuit is accused
of causing untold death and horror and threatening to
cause more still. He can be sued in Douglas County,
the legislator claims, because He's everywhere.

Someone tries to sell Belgium on eBay
Hidden among the porcelain fox hounds and Burberry
tablecloths on sale at eBay.be this week was an
unusual item: "For Sale: Belgium, a Kingdom in three
parts ... free premium: the king and his court (costs
not included)."

21 settembre 2007

today'z newz

Faith-based Video Site GodTube Fastest Growing in US
Dallas, TX – According to comScore, a digital media intelligence provider, the fastest growing website in August was GodTube.com, a faith-based video site. GodTube had 1.7 million unique visitors in the US in August, and the site launched August 8th.

Indonesians tune in to digital Koran
With her tiny earphones and slim digital player, Jakarta office worker Mira Indriarti looks like any other young music lover -- only she's not listening to the latest tunes, but to a recording of the Koran.

Famous writers' rooms
The Guardian has published a collection of annotated photos of famous writers' "writing rooms."

Friends of the Earth green film competition in association with Filminute® invited people to make a film of exactly 60 seconds which explores how we look after our planet and use it like there is a tomorrow. The competition is now closed and shortlisting has taken place. The public vote is now open.

20 settembre 2007


Georgia clues to human origins
A team of scientists working in Georgia has unearthed the remains of four human-like creatures dating to 1.8 million years ago

Top ten laughably bad tech ads

19 settembre 2007

Che c'è oggi?

Languages Die, but Not Their Last Words
Of the estimated 7,000 languages spoken in the world today, linguists say, nearly half are in danger of extinction and likely to disappear in this century. In fact, one falls out of use about every two weeks.

Peruvian 'meteorite' strike provokes noxious gas attack
The Peruvian authorities are warning people not to visit the site of a suspected meteorite strike in a remote area of the Andes after 600 people succumbed to "headaches, vomiting and nausea" caused by inhaling gas at the scene.

Love at first sight, or in half a second
Disbelievers in love at first sight may have to think again because new
research shows it only takes half a second to decide if someone is
attractive and a potential mate. "The study gets at the basic perceptual
aspects in mating," said psychologist Jon Maner, of Florida State
University, who headed the team. "It shows how quickly, strongly and
automatically people are attuned to physical attractiveness whether looking
for mates or guarding their mates from potential rivals," he added in an

18 settembre 2007

Today's news

Mammoth Dung, Prehistoric Goo May Speed Warming
(Surriscaldamento globale accelerato dalla popò di mammut)
For millennia, layers of animal waste and other organic matter left behind by the creatures that used to roam the Arctic tundra have been sealed inside the frozen permafrost. Now climate change is thawing the permafrost and lifting this prehistoric ooze from suspended animation.

While geeks take expensive gadgets like the iPhone apart in order to increase their capabilities, a group of cheapskates are doing the same to flat pack designs from Ikea.

Global map of straw bale houses and other natural homes and builders
This great map shows locations and photos of low-impact homes from around the world.

Yale to return Machu Picchu artifacts (K)
Yale University has agreed to return thousands of Inca
artifacts taken from Peru's famed Machu Picchu citadel
almost a century ago, the government said Saturday.

SpiralFrog to offer free music downloads (K)
SpiralFrog.com, an ad-supported Web site that allows
visitors to download music and videos free of charge,
was scheduled to launch Monday in the U.S. and Canada
after months of "beta" testing.

Sick man fined for going to work (K)
A sick Canadian bakery worker has been fined C$1,000
($970) for ignoring an order to stay at home until he
recovered from symptoms of salmonella poisoning,
medical officials said on Thursday.

US reports on religious freedom (K)
Religious freedom has deteriorated in Iraq and Egypt,
while China has cracked down on foreign missionaries
ahead of the Olympics, the US government said.

17 settembre 2007

Di tutto, anche ambiente...

Study Links Dieting And Smoking Habits In Teenage Girls
Teenage girls who diet are twice as likely to start smoking as their non-dieting counterparts, researchers from the University of Florida have found.

SoCal college offers YouTube class
Pitzer College this fall began offering what may be the first course about the video-sharing site. About 35 students meet in a classroom but work mostly online, where they view YouTube content and post their comments.

How the police use Google Earth
USA - Google Earth helps the police to identify the location of several marijuana fields.

Brits 'dying not to do exercise'
Most UK adults are so unwilling to exercise that not even the threat of an early death is enough to get them off the sofa, a survey suggests.

How do you commute to work?
We want to see your videos of your daily commute.

14 settembre 2007

E oggi...

One Bird, One Record Non-Stop Journey: New Zealand To Alaska And Back
WASHINGTON - A female Bar-tailed Godwit, a large, streamlined shorebird, has touched down in New Zealand following an epic, 18,000-mile-long (29,000 km) series of flights tracked by satellite, including the longest non-stop flight recorded for a landbird.

CORRECTED - World's 10 Most Polluted Places
Official correction to show that Blacksmith Institute said it incorrectly identified one of the Chinese sites. The correct site is Tianying

Farm Aid 2007: The Recap
New York City was sought out as a venue for the first time in the 22-year history of the annual benefit concert, which was first launched in 1985 in Champaign, Illinois to raise funds for beleaguered family farmers and to spread awareness that American farm families were struggling to make a living.

RideAmigos: Car-Sharing in NYC

Ride-sharing gets up close and local for New Yorkers with RideAmigos, a new money- and planet-saving service that launched earlier this month. The site, which allows you to create cab-shares online, hooks you up with other New Yorkers who are embarking from the same place or headed to the same destination.

13 settembre 2007

Planet Of No Apes? Experts Warn It's Close
Great apes have rich emotional lives and share strong family bonds. They laugh when they are tickled, cry when they grieve. They can make and use tools. They think about their past and plan for their future.
But many won't have a future to plan for, conservationists say.

Bottle makes dirty water drinkable
The way fresh water is supplied to disaster-hit regions could be revolutionised after an Ipswich-based businessman invented a £190 bottle that makes foul-smelling water drinkable in seconds.
Michael Pritchard hopes that the bottle could be a life-saver for refugees in disaster regions where access to clean drinking water is vital.

IBM develops virtual deaf interpreter
Here's a productive twist on the animated characters known as avatars that carry out fantasies in virtual computer worlds. IBM Corp. researchers have developed an avatar that can translate spoken words into sign language.

Study Links Poor Sperm Quality to Cell Phone Use
There just might be a connection between a suspected
decline in male fertility and increased cell phone
use, but experts say much more research is needed to
confirm an association.

States weigh compensation for inmates
When Antonio Beaver was freed from prison by DNA
evidence, he was overwhelmed by supporters eager to
help him return to normal life after spending nearly
11 years behind bars.

Eating less meat may slow climate change
Eating less meat could help slow global warming by
reducing the number of livestock and thereby
decreasing the amount of methane flatulence from the
animals, scientists said on Thursday.

Skip work, make babies, governor says
The governor of a central Russian province urged
couples to skip work Wednesday and make love instead
to help boost Russia's low birth-rate.

Italy urged to go on pasta strike
Consumers' associations in Italy have asked people to refrain from buying
or eating pasta for the day, in protest against recent price increases. The
groups are requesting the government intervene to reduce pasta prices. An
increase in the price of wheat in recent months has forced pasta
manufacturers to pass on the cost. Pasta is a national dish in Italy, with
each Italian eating on average 28 kg (62 lb) of pasta every year.

Chinese web filtering 'erratic'
China's firewall that tries to sanitise web browsing is much more porous
than previously thought, says a study. Carried out by US researchers
outside China, it found that the firewall often failed to block what the
Chinese government finds objectionable. The firewall was least effective
when lots of Chinese web users were online. Often, said the study, the idea
of the firewall was more effective than the technology at discouraging talk
about banned subjects.

'F***- off' comic a hit, polls show
More than 30% of Italians would like to see crusading comic Beppe Grillo
become premier, according to a poll out on Wednesday. Grillo has been in
the spotlight after hundreds of thousands of Italians turned out to sign
his petition aimed at purging parliament of MPs who have been in trouble
with the law.

10 settembre 2007

Stamen Design's Oakland Crimespotting
Stamen Design have launched Oakland Crimespotting, an interactive map of crimes in that city. Once a day, the system scrapes crime reports from the Oakland Police Department's Crimewatch site.

ADDIS ABABA - An international animal rights group condemned as "cruel and dangerous" Ethiopia's plans to poison tens of thousands of stray dogs as part of a mammoth clean-up campaign before Millennium celebrations next week. NB Nobody worries about the 90,000 beggars banned from the city!

OSLO - Religious leaders united in a silent "prayer for the planet" alongside a retreating Greenland glacier on Friday as part of a widening spiritual drive to combat climate change.

FDA considers additional food labels
If an increasingly overweight America's eyes are
bigger than its stomach, then placing more nutritional
information in plain sight could allow shoppers to see
their way to more healthy choices while scanning food

Democrats hold Spanish TV debate
US Democratic presidential hopefuls have taken part in
the first televised debate to be conducted in Spanish.

3D face scans spot gene syndromes
3D face scans are set to speed up the diagnosis of
rare genetic conditions in children, UK scientists

07 settembre 2007

Today's news

OSLO - No car can be "green", "clean" or "environmentally friendly", according to some of the world's strictest advertising guidelines set to enter into force in Norway next month.

Scientists Talk to Owls on Cell Phones
Cellular phones can be used to talk with owls in the wild, researchers now find

Il movimento ecologico "Buy american"
Il trend che guida i consumatori americani a guardare l'etichetta e a comprare prodotti made in america ha nobili ed ecologiche motivazioni.: ridurre le emissioni di co2 e limitare i trasporti disinvolti e molto inquinanti.

Un sito da vedere:

Depression more harmful than angina, says study

Iraq Veterans Record Their War Stories
Keith Greene remembers the sandstorms, the swirling
red clouds that left grit in everything. Joe Goellner
recounts building schools for Iraqi children. Raffi
Bahadarian describes fighting to help protect his

Early rising no good for the heart: study
Generations have praised the wisdom of getting up
early in the morning, but a Japanese study says
early-risers are actually at a higher risk of
developing heart problems.

Mobile phone use in hospitals poses danger: study
Using mobile phones near hospital beds or important
equipment is dangerous and could switch off
ventilators or disrupt pacemakers, Dutch researchers
said on Thursday.

China moves to stifle sexually explicit TV
China has banned sexually explicit television shows,
such as those featuring sex toys and contraceptives,
as it tries to clean up its airwaves and imbue
socialist values.

And something interesting to look at...

05 settembre 2007

News di oggi

Doctor warns consumers of popcorn fumes
Consumers, not just factory workers, may be in danger
from fumes from buttery flavoring in microwave
popcorn, according to a warning letter to federal
regulators from a doctor at a leading lung research

Move to new planet, says Hawking
The human race must move to a planet beyond our Solar
System to protect the future of the species, physicist
Professor Stephen Hawking has warned.

State of Play: The game of love
People play games for many reasons, but increasing
numbers are finding that they are a great way to size
up potential partners.

Australians cook up wild cat stew
Australians have come up with a novel solution to the
millions of feral cats roaming the outback - eat them.