Favolaschia è un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

02 ottobre 2007

Walking for good cause without ever leaving home
Welcome to the "virtual walk" where you can raise money for charity without ever stepping out the front door. Some 1,500 women began a 31-city virtual walk across the United States on Monday to benefit breast cancer courtesy of a computer, an avatar and a $3 donation. Participants included home design guru Martha Stewart, British actress Lynn Redgrave, actress Mena Suvari and Jorja Fox of the "CSI" television show in what organizers said was the world's first interactive virtual walk.

Biologists Aim to Wipe Out Alaska's "Rat Island"
Alaska - Two centuries after rats first landed on a remote Aleutian island from a shipwreck, wildlife managers in Alaska are plotting how to evict the non-native rodent from the island that bears their name.

Incan Kids Fattened Before Sacrifice
Incan children as young as 6 were “fattened up” prior to their sacrificial deaths, a new study shows.