Favolaschia รจ un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

10 settembre 2007

Stamen Design's Oakland Crimespotting
Stamen Design have launched Oakland Crimespotting, an interactive map of crimes in that city. Once a day, the system scrapes crime reports from the Oakland Police Department's Crimewatch site.

ADDIS ABABA - An international animal rights group condemned as "cruel and dangerous" Ethiopia's plans to poison tens of thousands of stray dogs as part of a mammoth clean-up campaign before Millennium celebrations next week. NB Nobody worries about the 90,000 beggars banned from the city!

OSLO - Religious leaders united in a silent "prayer for the planet" alongside a retreating Greenland glacier on Friday as part of a widening spiritual drive to combat climate change.

FDA considers additional food labels
If an increasingly overweight America's eyes are
bigger than its stomach, then placing more nutritional
information in plain sight could allow shoppers to see
their way to more healthy choices while scanning food

Democrats hold Spanish TV debate
US Democratic presidential hopefuls have taken part in
the first televised debate to be conducted in Spanish.

3D face scans spot gene syndromes
3D face scans are set to speed up the diagnosis of
rare genetic conditions in children, UK scientists