Favolaschia è un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

07 aprile 2008

University prof says students can't sell notes from his classes because it violates his copyright
Michael Moulton, a prof at the University of Florida, is suing a company tha republishes his students' notes from class, because he says that taking notes on his classes and selling them violates his copyright.

Potato Provides Path to Merge Modern and Indigenous Knowledge
We were excited when we found out that 2008 is the International Year of The Potato, but we went through the roof when we learned that Cusco in Peru has a potato park!

Umbrella Predicts Weather Changes, Reminds Owner
Orange climate alert anyone? This networked umbrella would be ideal for a wealthy person who lives in a bomb shelter, lacks a cell phone with web access, doesn't watch TeeVee, must depart home at an exact time, is terrified about getting rained on, and is generally clueless about impending weather changes.


Israel in 2040
Israel at 60 is as prosperous and secure as it has ever been, but its future looks increasingly uncertain. In this article, The Economist remembers the 2 visions Yehezkel Dror, a veteran Israeli political scientist, set out of how his country might look in the year 2040 and asks: Can it resolve its problems in time?

I was raped
Feminist writer Jennifer Baumgardener has created a T-shirt that reads "I was raped" as part of multimedia rape awareness project. Baumgardener aims to force the taboo issue of rape into everyday conversation. Not surprisingly, the T-shirt is causing a fair amount controversy. We wish people didn't rely as much on slogan T-shirts for topics of conversation.

The town where immigration works
David Rose has spent the past two months investigating the effect of immigration on one town, Slough in Berkshire. The local economy is booming, property prices are rising, schools and hospitals are working well. Is this town showing the rest of the country the way forward?


A growing number of companies in the Californian region are urging employees to leave laptops on their desks when attending office meetings to engage in human interaction… termed: topless meetings.

Scientists have developed a mind-reading technique that allows them to accurately predict images being viewed by people, by using scanners to study brain activity.

A survey of sex therapists concluded the optimal amount of time for sexual intercourse was 3 to 13 minutes.