Favolaschia è un genere di fungo molto strano, infestante, originario dei tropici. Ma la globalizzazione l'ha portato anche nei nostri boschi! Questo sito non parla di funghi, ma favolaschia mi sembrava un nome significativo e evocativo di qualcosa di simile a quello che qui viene raccontato...

02 luglio 2007

News dal mondo

Top 10 Useless Limbs (and Other Vestigial Organs) (vecchia?)

Uganda Bans Plastic Bags, Promotes Banana Leaves
KAMPALA - A ban on plastic bags in Uganda took effect on Sunday to cut down the stinking piles of rubbish that litter its dusty capital and other urban areas, breeding germs and poisoning water supplies.

One way to help species facing habitat loss: 'escape routes'
Preserving wilderness areas and establishing 'biological corridors' between them will help wildlife move to safety as climate changes occur.

Babies not as innocent as they pretend (M)
Whether lying about raiding the biscuit tin or denying
they broke a toy, all children try to mislead their
parents at some time. Yet it now appears that babies
learn to deceive from a far younger age than anyone
previously suspected.

Camel Jockey-Innocent Victims (M)
Camel Racing involves the jockeys aging from 4 to 10
years old children who are ruthlessly tied to the
Camels to run in deserts on certain tracks; where
these children are usually crushed under the feet of
contesting Camels.

Food allergy molecule discovered
A molecule which may protect against food allergy has
been identified.

U.S. Courts Consider Political Asylum for Lesbians
Confronted with barriers to legal U.S. immigration, a small number of foreign lesbians are seeking safety through political asylum. A recent court opinion expanded the definition of persecution in the case of a Ugandan lesbian.

Women's Writing Often Gets Lost in Translation
June was the month to encourage interest in books that have undergone translations. But a look at advocacy efforts shows foreign female authors trailing the lists of who's considered a must for English translation.

Italian beach 'women only' (K)
ITALY has opened its first women-only beach, away from
the prying eyes and wandering hands of the country's
notoriously lascivious men.

Key to a good marriage? Share housework.
The percentage of Americans who consider children
"very important" to a successful marriage has dropped
sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of
household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping
new survey.

Pill to make dieters 'feel full' (K)
Italian scientists have developed a pill that expands
in the stomach to make dieters feel full.

Patient bleeds dark green blood (K)
A team of Canadian surgeons got a shock when the
patient they were operating on began shedding dark
greenish-black blood, the Lancet reports.

China's humanitarian efforts in Africa
The Christian Science Monitor has a long article on Chinese humanitarian efforts in Africa, including joining the UN Blue Helmets, creating debt relief and financial aid, and other efforts.

La reputazione dei piranha (C)
Secondo gli scienziati inglesi, i piranha non sarebbero così temibili.
Sono da sempre stati definiti come cacciatori carnivori molto
aggressivi, ma in realtà vivono sulla difensiva.

Smaltimento all'inglese (C)
Nel Regno Unito, è entrata in vigore la normativa che regola lo
smaltimento dei rifiuti elettronici.

Imparare dai propri errori (C)
Uno studio rivela perché ogni sbaglio è importante al fine
dell'apprendimento. L'errore viene recepito in modo più forte rispetto
al successo e impedisce di ricadere facilmente in situazioni dannose.

Dallo stato al virus (C)
Il virus Melaka, recentemente scoperto in Oceania da alcuni
ricercatori, ha dato origine a una serie di polemiche. Lo stato malese
della Melaka si è ritenuto offeso.